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Blimey, I never introduced myself!

I'm a and , occupied with the many forms of human experience.

Recently I've started writing more and more about society: the , the catastrophe, .

I know a thing or two about , have a fascination for and (I ran seances in my medieval college in Cambridge), and keep a . of

Favourite authors? Elizabeth Bowen and D.H. Lawrence (I think)

What does *algorithmic accountability* really mean?

It looks like many laws and public policies around the use of algorithmic systems … are all still scarily haphazard at the moment 😬

Listen to the full episode on algorithmic accountability in the public sector:

#podcast #philosophy #tech #society #algorithms

Ofwel.. in 🇳🇱 :
Van alle rijkdom van huishoudens in Nederland, zit
68% van de rijkdom bij 10% van huishoudens
32% van de rijkdom zit bij 90% van de huishoudens!

En om het plaatje compleet te maken, bijna de HELFT van die "top 10%" van de rijkdom zit maar bij 1% van de huishoudens!!

Alleen 🇺🇸 is nog erger..

En ik maar denken dat 🇺🇸 een extreem (verrot) kapitalistisch land was.. we zijn dus nog net, echt net, een haar beter 😢

@conradhackett @sociology @economics

OWL (Palindrome)

Too held in its tide,
tan, a meek owl woke,
emanated its tin, idle hoot.


This is an important read. I would have many complex thoughts about how this shows in for example the pathologization of fatness and how my own lived experience fully relates with the ugly sides of the pandemic.

"Maybe the most performative form of everyday health supremacism during the pandemic has been the irrationally strong resistance to mask-wearing in many European countries."

#covid #healthism #racism #HealthSupremacy #AntiFascist #NordicCountries

Racisten, laten begaan. Natuurvernietigers, laten begaan. Abortushinderaars, laten begaan.
Extreemrechts, laten begaan.
Belastingontduikers, laten begaan.

Activisten die de Aarde willen redden? Meteen ME er op af.

Mijn website over Mastodon in het #Nederlands:
My #Mastodon blog in #English
Both will be regularly updated
Regelmatige updates zullen volgen!
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The deadline for XYZZY Awards 2021 voting is in a few days, December 3, and so I've been playing a few 2021 #InteractiveFiction games. I wasn't too active that year, which means there were a lot of gems left unplayed.

So far I've been playing 'What Heart Heard Of, Ghost Guessed' by Amanda Walker; 'Grooverland' by Mathbrush; and now I'm playing 'Excalibur' by J. J. Guest, G. C. Baccaris, et al. All very high quality, and an incredibly varied set of games. The medium is in such a great state!

Please read this thread by @pluralistic and consider in what ways you feed this all-devouring type of scam with your money and clicks

In Bezos's original plan, the company called "Amazon" was called "Relentless," due to its ambition to be "Earth's most customer-centric company." Today, Amazon is an enshittified endless scroll of paid results, where winning depends on ad budgets, not quality.

Writing in Jeff Bezos's newspaper *The Washington Post*, veteran tech reporter Geoffrey Fowler reports on the state of his boss's "relentless" commitment to customer service. The state is grim.


A 1937 poster demonizing jaywalking. In the early 20th century, it became clear that the proliferation of cars was dangerous for pedestrians. In order to make city streets easier for drivers to navigate, auto companies invented the crime of "jaywalking" ("jay was slang for "fool") in order to get pedestrians out of the streets. It was successful. Soon, after streets went from being places of commerce and communication to the domain of automobiles.

#history #histodon #histodons @histodons

Will Apple pull the bird site app? 

If #Twitter’s content moderation policy is inadequate, as its recent amnesty for bigots, misogynists and antisemites suggests, #Apple will not hesitate to pull the app from its #AppStore.

That will annoy a lot of people, including the world’s richest man, but it will only prevent new downloads. Those who have already downloaded the app will be able to continue to use it (though good luck if you need to upgrade your phone or restore from a backup).

Question is, will Apple pull all the third-party Twitter apps too? If so, it will hurt third-party developers more than it hurts Musk, and quite possibly put an end to non-official app development.

Dat de media kritischer moeten zijn richting de overheid staat buiten kijf. Zeker tijdens #corona volgde iederéén veel te klakkeloos 'de richtlijnen van het RIVM'. Maar dit gesprek tussen hoofdredacteuren van NOS Nieuws en NRC is van een andere planeet.

Het valt me de laatste tijd vaker op dat de preventieparadox heerst in medialand, maar dit gaat heel veel meer stappen verder dan dat. Bepaalde 'tegengeluiden' kregen niet te weinig, maar veel te veel ruimte. 🧵

Hi. It would help me a lot if I could get a HEAP of responses to this poll. The goal is to get a decent enough sample so results are predictive of the wider user-base right now. I dislike asking for boosts but this is SCIENCE... or something. (Thanks.)

How do you use Mastodon MOST of the time?

On a phone, or other touch screen device?


On a device with a keyboard like a laptop or desktop computer?

(If it's half and half choose the middle option.)

Het is in sommige kringen nog altijd sjiek om af te geven op de verengelsing: in zo'n vreemde taal kun je toch nooit een diepe gedachte uitdrukken? Wat die mensen nooit in de beschouwing betrekken is dat je in het Nederlands maar zelden een diepe gedachte hoort uitdrukken. Wie interessante hedendaagse intellectuele discussies wil horen, moet wel Engels leren. De verarming van het Nederlands komt niet door het Engels, maar door het gebrek aan intellectuele cultuur.

Imagine humans suddenly stopped to be able to reproduce... that's the premise of P.D. James's novel The Children of Men...

Recent studies show that reduces sperm count in human males. Does this mean the dystopian future James portrayed is now becoming a reality?

(H/t to @yaneerbaryam for inspiring me to write this)

Imagine humans suddenly stopped to be able to reproduce... that's the premise of P.D. James's novel The Children of Men...

Recent studies show that reduces sperm count in human males. Does this mean the dystopian future James portrayed is now becoming a reality?

(H/t to @yaneerbaryam for inspiring me to write this)

@msteenhagen Would be nice if people also remembered to remove mention of the group from any replies so that these don’t also get boosted. I believe that’s the convention, but it’s not one that a lot of people seem to know about.

[Edited: original toot said #unlisted, but it’s not clear that this does the job, and is not available in some apps.]

»Es gibt kein kardiologisches Krankheitsbild, das nach Covid nicht vermehrt auftritt«

Und nicht wie bei Influenza nur für wenige Wochen, sondern mindestens 1 Jahr. Ich denke, bei der Bewertung von #COVID19 muss man auch solche Aspekte einbeziehen.

Well ‘really easily’ may be an exaggeration. You do need to be able to run a script somewhere, but there are many ways you could do that.

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